Man dead in Behow to make silicone braceletsijing restaurant stabbing

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One man is dead after a stabbing in a restaurant in Beijing’s Haidian district on the afternoon of June 14, the Beijing News reported on Thursday.

The victim, surnamed Xie, born in 1993, is a master’s degree student at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, according to media reports.?

The suspect, surnamed Zhou, a former high school classmate of the victim, has been detained by the police and the case is still under investigation.

A surveillance camera in the restaurant showed a man in a white shirt sitting across from another man in a blue shirt. All of a sudden, the man in the blue shirt took out a knife and stabbed the other in the chest.

The injured man fell to the floor, and the attacker stood up and stabbed him several more times in the back and neck.

“No one dared to chase him as he was carrying a knife,” a witness in the restaurant was quoted by the Beijing News as saying.

Police have released no further details.

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